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CFP supports small- and medium sized enterprises in the development of best practice business processes in the finance area, the implementation of IT solutions for ERP, controlling, consolidation and planning, and in the development of growth-oriented finance strategies.

We assist you with the projects by taking over the project management for M&A and corporate finance projects. In addition, we assume an active role to support the implementation of CFO topics, assisting to achieve its goals.

Thanks to the large number of projects in that we have been involved in more than 20 years, best practice solutions have been developed enabling significantly more efficient implementations.

Furthermore, you will benefit from the extensive network of business partners which we involve in the projects and who can contribute the skills necessary for the specific project. At the same time, we continuously develop financing solutions that also help achieve faster execution of the corporate finance projects.

Changed general conditions demand changing key responsibilities of a CFO.


Changed general conditions

Growth The company is committed to growth and requires solutions to increase sales in spite of predatory competition; e.g. airlines: Example Virgin
Disruption New technologies replace current business models, products, services, offer a new «comfort»; e.g. Zalando, UBER, …
Cost Competitive advantages are often only gained through price advantage; e.g. supermarkets, textile, …
Financing Bank financing is increasingly difficult to obtain, e.g. minimum financing sum, regulatory requirements
Governance, Risk & Compliance Constantly increasing requirements of regulators; e.g. ICS, …


Changing key responsibilities of a CFO

Act with an entrepreneurial mind-set: Future added value of the client
Control the risk: Risk management
Deliver predictable results: Disruption
Promote growth: Acquisitions, restructuring
Secure the yield position: Management reporting
Optimise financial result: Cash management
Ensure processes (KPIs, ICS, …): Implement tools for optimising supply chain finance
Create added value: Increase corporate value



The approach is tailored to the size of the company, ranging from small and medium-sized to major corporations

In this context, we focus on the following:

  • Clarity and absolute understanding of the needs, options and, above all, the risks
  • Focus on this task definition
  • Critical analysis, development of solutions and implementation
  • Necessary efficient allocation of resources (information, frequency, activities, etc.)

This will then be the basis that enables us to generate added value for the client by

  • providing solutions that are feasible and helpful for the entire company,
  • producing clarity for all users of the solutions,
  • working out as much as necessary,
  • while keeping simplicity and efficiency in mind, and
  • not re-inventing from scratch, but rather by taking over best practice approaches.


Your contacts

Wolfgang Schmid
Managing Director

T: +423 373 87 21
M: +423 791 61 49
E: wolfgang.schmid@cfp-ag.com


Liechtenstein / Triesenberg branch

Address Contact Board of Directors
CFP Business Consulting AG
Bühel 27
FL-9497 Triesenberg
T.: +423 373 87 21
F.: +423 373 87 22
E.: info@cfp-ag.com
Wolfgang Schmid
CFP Equity AG
Schlossstrasse 45
FL-9497 Triesenberg
T.: +423 373 87 21
F.: +423 373 87 22
E.: info@cfp-ag.com
Wolfgang Schmid
Helmuth Julius Beck
CiP Corporate Investment Partners
Schlossstrasse 45
FL-9497 Triesenberg
T.: +423 373 87 21
F.: +423 373 87 22
E.: info@cfp-ag.com


Memberships in associations

SECA SECA: CFP is an Associate Member of SECA (Swiss Private Equity & Corporate Finance Association). SECA represents the areas of Swiss private equity, venture capital and corporate finance.
CFO Forum Schweiz CFOS: CFP is a member of the CFO Forum Switzerland
VEB VEB.CH: CFP is a member of VEB.CH, the largest Swiss professional association for accredited executives in accounting and controlling.



NeoDelta NeoDelta: The NeoDelta AG is our partner for any questions concerning ERP solutions with SAP for small and medium-sized companies using SAP Business One.



SIMPLE Performance Management


Company information

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CFP Business Consulting AG
Bühelstrasse 27
FL-9497 Triesenberg
T.: +423 373 87 22
F.: +423 373 87 21



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